God is a collective experience: Dialogue with Mario Liani imbued with the loving energy of Kryon


Mario Liani









Interview with Mario Liani

for the blog “In The Present Time”

by Carmelo Urso


August 2009

Caracas, Venezuela

Carmelo Urso: Dear Mario, thank you for your trust and for opening up to us. I would like to go over a few fundamental concepts about your work. But, first of all, in the worldview disseminated by Kryon, who is God? Is it a being outside of His creation or does he actively reside within His creation? Is God a collective of souls? And if so, is the human being an inherent part of the experience we call God?

Mario Liani: Thank you, Carmelo, for giving me the opportunity to share my ideas with so many through this medium, for which I congratulate you!

Before I go on, I’d like to say that in order to give a better, more profound answer to your questions I have called on the energy of Kryon so that the answers are processed through a greater and clearer vision than our own human vision.

Let’s get started…

With the help of so many new age teachers – and the help of Kryon who has repeatedly shared this truth with us – we now have a wider vision of God and we understand that “God” is only a name that humans have given to a collective experience… in order to describe something that is intangible and that could, in the end, become something very personal: the human’s perceptions and beliefs about how he defines his own spirituality and his relationship with something he considers to be above all else.

Regarding this, Kryon has repeatedly told us that the word God is only a word that allows us to express something that, as humans, we find impossible to describe: that all of us – as one, great collective – are part of a spiritual family and that we are indivisible parts of the whole… that we “are” because someone else “IS”… without this premise, we would not exist, and, therefore, the experience we call “Life” would not exist, and perhaps in a different level of perception we would call it “The Being.”

Carmelo Urso: It is said that Kryon is a collective of angelic beings. In this context, what do we understand by “angel?” In what realm of existence are you? How are you different and how are you similar to the beings in this physical dimension? Do we invoke your presence through prayer or meditation? If Angels do exist, do their counterpart -demons – exist?

Mario Liani: So many things are said… but, which is the one that we resonate with or the one we identify with the most?

I usually define Kryon as a group of entities of angelic beings of higher consciousness… but beyond that, my feeling is that Kryon is the name that we – human beings – have given to a specific experience or that the name Kryon represents the answer that Creation gives human beings through the multi-dimensionality of our souls, which – at the highest level possible – have come together to become (as incredible as this may sound) our own angelic voice.

In other words, we, human beings, have managed to ask our other Self – who exist in other dimensions different from this one – to speak to us through a part of ourselves to which we normally don’t have direct access. Amazingly, we have literally deified that part of ourselves that we consider “external and divine” and we call it “God.”

Kryon is the name human beings have given that experience I just described.  Therefore, Kryon is the voice of the spiritual collective whose objective is to help its human counterpart evolve.

In summary, I perceive that the name Kryon represents a group of souls that decided to have a dual experience: that of a human waiting to feel the love of the Spiritual Family… and that of Divine Angels, anxious to touch their human counterpart, and to encourage them during their search for the necessary experiences so that both parts can transcend the ascension process together.

Angel? It’s just a name that humans – since ancient times – have given to that inexplicable connection with their counterparts, a way of deifying an experience he could not or cannot understand.

Demon? Another creation of humanity that has been conceptualized to establish the classic counterpart, in the context that everything that the human perceives “must” reflect two opposing sides…

Carmelo Urso: One of the main premises of Kryon is that human beings are angels disguised as humans. This belief is in opposition to the ideas some religions advocate, that humanity is inherently bad and the bearer of an indelible original sin. If we humans are angels, does it mean that we are essentially good? And if our true nature is fundamentally gentle, why does our world seem to be ravaged by evil?

Mario Liani: Kryon tells us that we humans – in essence – are spiritual beings disguised in a body of flesh with the objective of gaining access to a wide range of human experiences.

Although our true nature originates in the Divine Matrix that created us (mere words that cannot fully explain our origin), while in this body that is immersed in the 3rd dimension, our true nature is forced to experience any range of experiences that come from being human… and what we call “evil” is one of them, which is only a part of evolution… one of many.

However, we should keep in mind that “evil” is the opposite of “good” and, therefore, the antithesis of a human belief that doesn’t exist in the context of our Divine Origin. From this viewpoint, all of this will be considered no more than an experience that allows the Being to learn from any of the facets of the Totality of Being immersed in “All That Is.”

Therefore, from our limited human perspective, we are immersed in the matrix of human “evil”… However, from our Divine perspective evil is only something we decided to create so that we could experience it, with no more consequences than putting another notch on our belt of experiences that makes up our evolutional “Curriculum Vitae.”

Carmelo Urso: If we, humans, are angels disguised as humans, how about the rest of the physical beings? A canary, a dolphin, an insect, a coral… Are they also angelic beings wearing a material outfit?

Mario Liani: Going back to the previous question and keeping in mind that the word “angel” is only an adequate creation of our human perception, the beings you mentioned before are only evolutionary possibilities that Creation holds, so that All That Is can manifest in complete diversity. Beyond the flesh we all wear, humans included, that universe of living creatures – seemingly alive or not – is just “energy in motion and in constant state of transformation.” As energy that recycles itself, under the concept of “ONE” – that all creation is one being – what difference could there be between dolphins and humans?

Mario Liani

Carmelo Urso: Another premise disseminated by Kryon is that we are multidimensional beings. What does it mean? Could it mean that our “I” exists simultaneously in dimensions of parallel reality? If this is so, how do the different filaments of this vast “I” interact?

Mario Liani: We are multi-dimensional because our “central being” – which the majority of the spiritual cultures have, coincidentally, named “Higher Self” – is a great creation which is formed or fed from the many other creations of self that exist in different places or dimensions.

If we want to explain this concept in an intelligible way and adapt it to our present experience, the Higher Self would be some sort of a “great main computer” connected to a huge web of computers.

The “great brain” which stores everything that the other computers process individually is in the main computer, while the smaller computers only handle their own processes… without knowing that there are hidden processes that send all the processed information “in real time” to the great main computer.

The individual computers have no visible registry of this process, although they can at times get a glimmer of the activity in the web, in other words, of a process that occurs “in real time” with some of the other computers in other parts of the Universe. When this happens, we have the feeling of “Déjà vu” during which we remember having done something but we don’t have a real memory of it… or when we have the feeling we are doing something on a different level of perception. This is when we have a lucid dream and clearly remember having experienced “being someone else” but we are still ourselves…

Carmelo Urso: Kryon calls himself a spokesman of “the magnetic service.” What is the magnetic service? What is its purpose? How does it influence our daily life?

Mario Liani: Everything that exists resonates at different magnetic frequencies of different spectrums, including us, humanity, and the Earth we inhabit.

One of the effects is that our physical health, the health of our planet and the entire system that keeps us alive and perceiving our experience the way we do, depend on whether this system maintains a magnetic vibration that allows us to adapt to the planetary changes taking place in the entire system around us – even though we don’t see it happening or know where it comes from.

The previous is the “macro” vision, and the “micro” vision is related to the fact that our organs in the body – from the biggest to the smallest (as a cell, for example) – emit a magnetic frequency that defines the function of our physical system, and mainly the way our perception is aligned with our surroundings.

In summary, the magnetism is responsible for the experience we believe we are having… and here is where Kryon comes in…

Kryon represents the spiritual movement the human being has activated – from his Highest center closest to Creation – to trigger the necessary changes around him and so that he and all humanity evolve together towards a new pattern of vibration which will allow the necessary genetic changes to take place to produce a new human with a new perception of life.

Kryon is in “magnetic service” because humanity decided to magnetically attract the vibratory changes necessary to make the great quantum leap.

Carmelo Urso:  Kryon often underlines the importance of DNA in our evolution and spiritual growth, something that may seem strange to those with a scientific background. What is the relationship between DNA and the magnetic and energetic nature of our physical being and spiritual evolution?

Mario Liani: The answer to your questions is a continuation of the previous, because DNA vibrates magnetically at such frequency that it makes possible not only human reproduction but also contains the code that controls how the human being behaves, according to his evolutionary process.

In fact, DNA processes the hidden codes that connect him to the main computer, and therefore, it maintains a constant influx of information between the main brain and his own terminal, with the purpose of establishing the necessary human experiences so that he can travel through the evolutionary patterns that his physical and spiritual processes require.In summary, the DNA represents the wiring that allows the interchange of information with the main computer of your Being, which is the real transmitter of information of each one of us.

Whenever someone connects to the Akashic records or has a memory of past lives through a process of regression, what really happens is that the main computer “authorizes” the release of a portion of the hidden information for the exclusive use of that specific magnetic terminal.

Carmelo Urso:  At the beginning of each channeling session, Kryon, through his spokesmen, speaks of a window that has been opened “on the other side of the veil.” In several of your messages you have explained that this veil is a” metaphor.” What is different and what is similar between “both sides of the veil?” between the physical and the metaphysical? If the veil that seems to separate both sides is only a metaphor, why do the majority of us do not experience or connect with that reality that transcends the physical? What would you advise the reader that wishes to experience the divine part of his Being?

Mario Liani: When we say that the “veil has been pushed aside” it could be understood – because we are using a human language to describe something that “is not” – that we are pulling aside some sort of curtain or transparent fabric, and thus we create an opening that allows us to travel from one side to the other. But, are there really “sides” in the inter-dimensionality? Are there really any “ethereal fabric and curtains” separating the dimensions as if they were physical doors? Don’t you think that the word “veil” is only a human word used to satisfy our desire to rationally explain and define what we don’t understand?

That is why Kryon, who speaks through me, has said that “the veil” is a human metaphor…

In truth, being “on one side of the veil or the other” it’s just a matter of a change in perception, or a change of magnetic alignment, if you will. When a human connects with the spiritual side – which is nothing more than a connection with himself, which is out of his human perception – he has the choice to align with other frequencies or achieve it through the process of meditation in order to perceive the other side, and without having to leave his earthly connection.

To perceive the other side you only need to change your sense perception in such a way that the human vision perceives frequencies that he could not otherwise perceive, or for his ears to stopping hearing the words spoken by the human channel and to perceive only the energetic force that will enter the new perceptive state as packets of information. Such packets will settle in strategic places of his being and will open up whenever they are needed. I guess you can say that the channel acts as some sort of “special emergency wiring” between the individual computer that is each human who attends the event and the main computer… of each one of those present!

Do you want to connect with the other side? Try different ways and techniques – which are individual and very personal – to change your level of perception so that you can hear your inner voice – your own inner voice – which is the pulse or beat frequency that radiates from the main computer.

A way to achieve this connection is to try to quiet your mental dialogue… and I insist, everyone has the innate knowledge to turn that switch off. You just have to remember and practice it.

Carmelo Urso: One of kryon’s most uncompromising messages is that each one of us must achieve Mastery. We would like to delve deeper into this subject. Has the interaction with Kryon helped you achieve that much-desired level of mastery? Gurus from different creeds claim to be “masters” or “enlightened” beings without blushing; in your case, do you feel you are an enlightened spokesman or do you still journey the road of the traveler who knows that he still has work to do.

Mario Liani: The Mastery of Being is nothing more that the realization that our nature is spiritual and infinite, hidden within a limited human body.

When you realize that infinite potential resides within you and that this potential is linked to your human abilities – embedded in your DNA – your human experience changes… you begin to perceive that each one of your actions has a powerful evolutionary purpose that links you directly to everything that surrounds you.

At that moment, you feel that you have the potential to achieve human actions charged with a very powerful transmuting intent, which is executed through your greatest ability, your expertise.

It doesn’t matter what it is! No matter how human or earthly it is! The only thing that matters is that you become aware that you have the ability to transmute any earthly act into something that leaves spiritual footprints. Does it matter to anyone if someone like you charges your actions with spiritual intention? It matters to no one else but you… because you will act with the conviction that you are doing it with the best of intentions.

The Mastery of Being means that your actions – even if they are directed to only one person – should be cloaked with a transmuting intention that could generate an unsuspected exponential effect towards many others.

On the other hand, you ask if “my interaction with Kryon has helped me reach that desired level of mastery…” I will tell you that having been able to glimpse the potential for mastery in my physical being, which every human has within, has made it easier for me to connect with my spiritual guides and with that part of the One or Creator that resides within and that we have named Kryon.

However, the fact that I became a spokesman for that particular expression of the One, it’s not a coincidence, neither is something you chose from the ego or out the necessity to play the role of an illumined master – as you stated in your question.

When you are aware that you serve a Cosmic Plan that transcends the individual – as I think is my case – you courageously take on any responsibility designated by the Plan.

Its designs are only “invitations” to take on a “role.” The timeless Being has the necessary free will to accept or reject… but if you accept the role, you must do it from the impeccability of the mastery of being, the one that firmly tells you that you chose the road less traveled, a road that has not been “cleared.” Everything has yet to be discovered with each step you take, particularly anything that has to do with your own journey.

Mario Liani

Carmelo Urso: Would you compare channeling to prayer or meditation, in the sense that it allows you to access higher states of consciousness? In your opinion, can anyone channel or do you have to posses special abilities?

Mario Liani: I must confess that I have always had trouble with meditation, in the sense that it is hard for me to quiet my thoughts and reach the necessary inner silence to achieve a connection with the intangible that resides within me. I am sure that this is very common for most people…

That is why those “one-size-fits-all” meditation techniques you find everywhere do not work for everyone.

I am convinced that each one – with a good frame of reference and after having tried other methods – should try to create a technique that actually works for him.

The technique that works best for me is to simply hold a dialogue with my spiritual counterpart. In the beginning, this was a true act of faith, since it appeared that I was talking to thin air… and there wasn’t anyone there no answer. But it just so happens that the “eternal” has plenty of ears…

After much talking with that intangible counterpart and with as much faith as possible, one day I began to “feel” the answers in my mind. Nowadays, I can hold a two-way conversation where I can “hear and see” the individual energies of the beings that are part of my multidimensionality.

To better answer your question, I would say that I connected with the intangible through the act of conversing, which some may call prayer, because in fact… prayer is a dialogue!

Like everything else, with practice, everything can become a true talent, and anyone can channel one of the infinite versions of the One… because they are nothing more than the multiple facets of Creation.

Carmelo Urso: Presently, can you access the energy of Kryon any time during the day or do you need to set a date and time? Does Kryon’s voice sound different than your own interior monologue? During a channel, how do you know whether they are your own thought or Kryon’s?

Mario Liani: Continuing with my previous explanation, when you manage to make the inexplicable into something that is part of “daily life,” there is no need for ceremonies or rituals to make it happen at will.

That is what Kryon calls “the third language”: something that is not coming from rational thoughts or spoken words, but rather through a feeling in your heart.

As Kryon has said so many times, the Third Language represents the human’s connection with his spiritual counterpart. This is one of the many important energetic changes the New Age brings: humans connecting with each other and with the intangible through the heart.

If I need to make a connection beyond the ordinary, I try to stop and use some kind of communication protocol. Let’s say I need to expand on something, I ask then for a greater degree of clarity. On the other hand, public channeling is very different.

You should understand that that moment has been planned way ahead of time, sort of like making “an appointment” with the One and everyone else involved… with the intent of honoring that moment as an important reunion. In fact, we call those moments “A meeting with Kryon and the Spiritual Family.” Those are very special moments, because we understand that the desire to connect transcends the channel’s individual will, and the responsibility for what he may bring forth is great.

That is why, personally, I take this role very seriously… to the point where I am don’t like to meet with groups frequently to channel the energy of Kryon, because I feel that repetition would turn the intangible into something routine and boring. In fact, this year of 2009 (August 15), we decided to hold only one public event in Caracas (this was only the fourth event in the last two consecutive years).

Channeling Kryon before a huge audience is something very special, because the One uses the collective energy of those present to give a message that can be broad, and at the same time individual. It may seem contradictory, but that is how it happens.

At that moment, I become perfectly still, with no thoughts in my mind, I only allow the voice to manifest automatically, not allowing the mind to interfere by dictating the concepts that flow from my mouth.

In this way, there is no doubt as to who is talking: my human mind or the Superior Intelligence who connected through me.

Carmelo Urso: As you said before, Kryon often speaks of the “spiritual family.” Who is the spiritual family? Does it apply only to angels and human beings? If that is the case, could we equate the body of the spiritual family to God?

Mario Liani: The Spiritual Family is the group of beings – animate or not – that forms the ONE… or what we call “God.” We are part of the One and are ONE with ALL – beyond the concepts and labels we humans have created to explain and describe the inexplicable, we are a big Family.

It’s here, fully immersed in our human duality – which clouds our understanding of ALL – that we have trouble realizing that great truth…

It’s like a masquerade ball, mingling with a multitude of people who have disguised their true identity on purpose, not to be recognized or be able to recognize each other.

Part of the great game we play is to challenge ourselves and force us to see beyond the disguise of the one in front of us…

Carmelo Urso: Are we, humans, timeless souls who reincarnate as many times as necessary? Does Kryon’s famous phrase “return home” mean that we stop the cycle of reincarnation?

Mario Liani: Have you ever seen life take a vacation and stop the eternal succession of cycles in order to enter a state of suspended animation? Has earth ever stopped to take a break? Has any vegetable species ever decided to stop giving fruits because they feel they have done enough?

As above, so below…

That means that the energy that we are is always in constant movement and expansion. The halt in the cycle of evolution is only a human illusion that comes from the premise that at some point, there will be nothing left to learn. This is only a concept of the human’s limited vision that is based on the idea of polar opposites: if there is a beginning, there must be an end…

Eternity does not end… everything is always in a constant state of transformation.

The “Return Home” represents a time of change and transformation where the Being reconnects with his true, Timeless Essence… only to continue “The Game of Transformation” in which he goes through all the experiences that shapes the ONE, integrating with each one of them and learning to love them as if they were “himself…”

If you have experienced – and, therefore, are – that which is outside of yourself, don’t you think that you will come to love it because you integrate it permanently in your being?

And so it is.


Channeled by Mario Liani

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Translator: Gilda Tangtam – bellamadonna11@yahoo.com

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