Bird Attractor

Written in Buenos Aires, inspired by a capsuled origami my fellow countrywoman Elva Villegas made in Mexico, days before the beginning of the First Origami Convention in the city of Rosario, Argentina.

Carmelo Urso

twitter: @carmelourso

That scarecrow had spent years without scaring anyone in its rye field.

Always quiet, only the sullen winter breeze managed to get a slight movement out of his arms made of old scraps of fabric and straw.

One day, two rooks courting each other in the air landed on the scarecrow’s comfortable cup hat.

“Is someone there?” – The birds asked.

Nobody answered.

“May we stay and nest on your hat?” –they asked again.

Nobody answered.

“Silence is consent” –Said the rooks and settled.

They mated in the spring; they fattened in the summer with the field’s rye; in the autumn they would perch on the roofs of nearby houses, announcing sinister omens; in the winter, they would fly low before migrating to far away fields… only to nest again on the scarecrow’s hat when the spring came.

Never did the rag doll ask for anything in return. He never reproached the birds’ temperamental humor, the air battles, their incorrigible lack of hygiene. He never complained about the rooks’ screeching uproar, or the rooks’ children, or the children’s children.

His head, empty of thoughts –as empty as the cup of his old hat- was infinitely receptive to the love and feast of the rooks, who –spring after spring- kept on nesting on its head.

Again and again the rooks –jokingly- asked:

“Hey, buddy, is someone there?”

And the rag doll, made a bird attractor, said nothing, reproached nothing, infinitely empty, infinitely generous to the rooks the spring gave him.


God is a collective experience: Dialogue with Mario Liani imbued with the loving energy of Kryon


Mario Liani









Interview with Mario Liani

for the blog “In The Present Time”

by Carmelo Urso

August 2009

Caracas, Venezuela

Carmelo Urso: Dear Mario, thank you for your trust and for opening up to us. I would like to go over a few fundamental concepts about your work. But, first of all, in the worldview disseminated by Kryon, who is God? Is it a being outside of His creation or does he actively reside within His creation? Is God a collective of souls? And if so, is the human being an inherent part of the experience we call God?

Mario Liani: Thank you, Carmelo, for giving me the opportunity to share my ideas with so many through this medium, for which I congratulate you!

Before I go on, I’d like to say that in order to give a better, more profound answer to your questions I have called on the energy of Kryon so that the answers are processed through a greater and clearer vision than our own human vision.

Let’s get started…

With the help of so many new age teachers – and the help of Kryon who has repeatedly shared this truth with us – we now have a wider vision of God and we understand that “God” is only a name that humans have given to a collective experience… in order to describe something that is intangible and that could, in the end, become something very personal: the human’s perceptions and beliefs about how he defines his own spirituality and his relationship with something he considers to be above all else.

Regarding this, Kryon has repeatedly told us that the word God is only a word that allows us to express something that, as humans, we find impossible to describe: that all of us – as one, great collective – are part of a spiritual family and that we are indivisible parts of the whole… that we “are” because someone else “IS”… without this premise, we would not exist, and, therefore, the experience we call “Life” would not exist, and perhaps in a different level of perception we would call it “The Being.”

Carmelo Urso: It is said that Kryon is a collective of angelic beings. In this context, what do we understand by “angel?” In what realm of existence are you? How are you different and how are you similar to the beings in this physical dimension? Do we invoke your presence through prayer or meditation? If Angels do exist, do their counterpart -demons – exist?

Mario Liani: So many things are said… but, which is the one that we resonate with or the one we identify with the most?

I usually define Kryon as a group of entities of angelic beings of higher consciousness… but beyond that, my feeling is that Kryon is the name that we – human beings – have given to a specific experience or that the name Kryon represents the answer that Creation gives human beings through the multi-dimensionality of our souls, which – at the highest level possible – have come together to become (as incredible as this may sound) our own angelic voice.

In other words, we, human beings, have managed to ask our other Self – who exist in other dimensions different from this one – to speak to us through a part of ourselves to which we normally don’t have direct access. Amazingly, we have literally deified that part of ourselves that we consider “external and divine” and we call it “God.”

Kryon is the name human beings have given that experience I just described.  Therefore, Kryon is the voice of the spiritual collective whose objective is to help its human counterpart evolve.

In summary, I perceive that the name Kryon represents a group of souls that decided to have a dual experience: that of a human waiting to feel the love of the Spiritual Family… and that of Divine Angels, anxious to touch their human counterpart, and to encourage them during their search for the necessary experiences so that both parts can transcend the ascension process together.

Angel? It’s just a name that humans – since ancient times – have given to that inexplicable connection with their counterparts, a way of deifying an experience he could not or cannot understand.

Demon? Another creation of humanity that has been conceptualized to establish the classic counterpart, in the context that everything that the human perceives “must” reflect two opposing sides…

Carmelo Urso: One of the main premises of Kryon is that human beings are angels disguised as humans. This belief is in opposition to the ideas some religions advocate, that humanity is inherently bad and the bearer of an indelible original sin. If we humans are angels, does it mean that we are essentially good? And if our true nature is fundamentally gentle, why does our world seem to be ravaged by evil?

Mario Liani: Kryon tells us that we humans – in essence – are spiritual beings disguised in a body of flesh with the objective of gaining access to a wide range of human experiences.

Although our true nature originates in the Divine Matrix that created us (mere words that cannot fully explain our origin), while in this body that is immersed in the 3rd dimension, our true nature is forced to experience any range of experiences that come from being human… and what we call “evil” is one of them, which is only a part of evolution… one of many.

However, we should keep in mind that “evil” is the opposite of “good” and, therefore, the antithesis of a human belief that doesn’t exist in the context of our Divine Origin. From this viewpoint, all of this will be considered no more than an experience that allows the Being to learn from any of the facets of the Totality of Being immersed in “All That Is.”

Therefore, from our limited human perspective, we are immersed in the matrix of human “evil”… However, from our Divine perspective evil is only something we decided to create so that we could experience it, with no more consequences than putting another notch on our belt of experiences that makes up our evolutional “Curriculum Vitae.”

Carmelo Urso: If we, humans, are angels disguised as humans, how about the rest of the physical beings? A canary, a dolphin, an insect, a coral… Are they also angelic beings wearing a material outfit?

Mario Liani: Going back to the previous question and keeping in mind that the word “angel” is only an adequate creation of our human perception, the beings you mentioned before are only evolutionary possibilities that Creation holds, so that All That Is can manifest in complete diversity. Beyond the flesh we all wear, humans included, that universe of living creatures – seemingly alive or not – is just “energy in motion and in constant state of transformation.” As energy that recycles itself, under the concept of “ONE” – that all creation is one being – what difference could there be between dolphins and humans?

Mario Liani

Carmelo Urso: Another premise disseminated by Kryon is that we are multidimensional beings. What does it mean? Could it mean that our “I” exists simultaneously in dimensions of parallel reality? If this is so, how do the different filaments of this vast “I” interact?

Mario Liani: We are multi-dimensional because our “central being” – which the majority of the spiritual cultures have, coincidentally, named “Higher Self” – is a great creation which is formed or fed from the many other creations of self that exist in different places or dimensions.

If we want to explain this concept in an intelligible way and adapt it to our present experience, the Higher Self would be some sort of a “great main computer” connected to a huge web of computers.

The “great brain” which stores everything that the other computers process individually is in the main computer, while the smaller computers only handle their own processes… without knowing that there are hidden processes that send all the processed information “in real time” to the great main computer.

The individual computers have no visible registry of this process, although they can at times get a glimmer of the activity in the web, in other words, of a process that occurs “in real time” with some of the other computers in other parts of the Universe. When this happens, we have the feeling of “Déjà vu” during which we remember having done something but we don’t have a real memory of it… or when we have the feeling we are doing something on a different level of perception. This is when we have a lucid dream and clearly remember having experienced “being someone else” but we are still ourselves…

Carmelo Urso: Kryon calls himself a spokesman of “the magnetic service.” What is the magnetic service? What is its purpose? How does it influence our daily life?

Mario Liani: Everything that exists resonates at different magnetic frequencies of different spectrums, including us, humanity, and the Earth we inhabit.

One of the effects is that our physical health, the health of our planet and the entire system that keeps us alive and perceiving our experience the way we do, depend on whether this system maintains a magnetic vibration that allows us to adapt to the planetary changes taking place in the entire system around us – even though we don’t see it happening or know where it comes from.

The previous is the “macro” vision, and the “micro” vision is related to the fact that our organs in the body – from the biggest to the smallest (as a cell, for example) – emit a magnetic frequency that defines the function of our physical system, and mainly the way our perception is aligned with our surroundings.

In summary, the magnetism is responsible for the experience we believe we are having… and here is where Kryon comes in…

Kryon represents the spiritual movement the human being has activated – from his Highest center closest to Creation – to trigger the necessary changes around him and so that he and all humanity evolve together towards a new pattern of vibration which will allow the necessary genetic changes to take place to produce a new human with a new perception of life.

Kryon is in “magnetic service” because humanity decided to magnetically attract the vibratory changes necessary to make the great quantum leap.

Carmelo Urso:  Kryon often underlines the importance of DNA in our evolution and spiritual growth, something that may seem strange to those with a scientific background. What is the relationship between DNA and the magnetic and energetic nature of our physical being and spiritual evolution?

Mario Liani: The answer to your questions is a continuation of the previous, because DNA vibrates magnetically at such frequency that it makes possible not only human reproduction but also contains the code that controls how the human being behaves, according to his evolutionary process.

In fact, DNA processes the hidden codes that connect him to the main computer, and therefore, it maintains a constant influx of information between the main brain and his own terminal, with the purpose of establishing the necessary human experiences so that he can travel through the evolutionary patterns that his physical and spiritual processes require.In summary, the DNA represents the wiring that allows the interchange of information with the main computer of your Being, which is the real transmitter of information of each one of us.

Whenever someone connects to the Akashic records or has a memory of past lives through a process of regression, what really happens is that the main computer “authorizes” the release of a portion of the hidden information for the exclusive use of that specific magnetic terminal.

Carmelo Urso:  At the beginning of each channeling session, Kryon, through his spokesmen, speaks of a window that has been opened “on the other side of the veil.” In several of your messages you have explained that this veil is a” metaphor.” What is different and what is similar between “both sides of the veil?” between the physical and the metaphysical? If the veil that seems to separate both sides is only a metaphor, why do the majority of us do not experience or connect with that reality that transcends the physical? What would you advise the reader that wishes to experience the divine part of his Being?

Mario Liani: When we say that the “veil has been pushed aside” it could be understood – because we are using a human language to describe something that “is not” – that we are pulling aside some sort of curtain or transparent fabric, and thus we create an opening that allows us to travel from one side to the other. But, are there really “sides” in the inter-dimensionality? Are there really any “ethereal fabric and curtains” separating the dimensions as if they were physical doors? Don’t you think that the word “veil” is only a human word used to satisfy our desire to rationally explain and define what we don’t understand?

That is why Kryon, who speaks through me, has said that “the veil” is a human metaphor…

In truth, being “on one side of the veil or the other” it’s just a matter of a change in perception, or a change of magnetic alignment, if you will. When a human connects with the spiritual side – which is nothing more than a connection with himself, which is out of his human perception – he has the choice to align with other frequencies or achieve it through the process of meditation in order to perceive the other side, and without having to leave his earthly connection.

To perceive the other side you only need to change your sense perception in such a way that the human vision perceives frequencies that he could not otherwise perceive, or for his ears to stopping hearing the words spoken by the human channel and to perceive only the energetic force that will enter the new perceptive state as packets of information. Such packets will settle in strategic places of his being and will open up whenever they are needed. I guess you can say that the channel acts as some sort of “special emergency wiring” between the individual computer that is each human who attends the event and the main computer… of each one of those present!

Do you want to connect with the other side? Try different ways and techniques – which are individual and very personal – to change your level of perception so that you can hear your inner voice – your own inner voice – which is the pulse or beat frequency that radiates from the main computer.

A way to achieve this connection is to try to quiet your mental dialogue… and I insist, everyone has the innate knowledge to turn that switch off. You just have to remember and practice it.

Carmelo Urso: One of kryon’s most uncompromising messages is that each one of us must achieve Mastery. We would like to delve deeper into this subject. Has the interaction with Kryon helped you achieve that much-desired level of mastery? Gurus from different creeds claim to be “masters” or “enlightened” beings without blushing; in your case, do you feel you are an enlightened spokesman or do you still journey the road of the traveler who knows that he still has work to do.

Mario Liani: The Mastery of Being is nothing more that the realization that our nature is spiritual and infinite, hidden within a limited human body.

When you realize that infinite potential resides within you and that this potential is linked to your human abilities – embedded in your DNA – your human experience changes… you begin to perceive that each one of your actions has a powerful evolutionary purpose that links you directly to everything that surrounds you.

At that moment, you feel that you have the potential to achieve human actions charged with a very powerful transmuting intent, which is executed through your greatest ability, your expertise.

It doesn’t matter what it is! No matter how human or earthly it is! The only thing that matters is that you become aware that you have the ability to transmute any earthly act into something that leaves spiritual footprints. Does it matter to anyone if someone like you charges your actions with spiritual intention? It matters to no one else but you… because you will act with the conviction that you are doing it with the best of intentions.

The Mastery of Being means that your actions – even if they are directed to only one person – should be cloaked with a transmuting intention that could generate an unsuspected exponential effect towards many others.

On the other hand, you ask if “my interaction with Kryon has helped me reach that desired level of mastery…” I will tell you that having been able to glimpse the potential for mastery in my physical being, which every human has within, has made it easier for me to connect with my spiritual guides and with that part of the One or Creator that resides within and that we have named Kryon.

However, the fact that I became a spokesman for that particular expression of the One, it’s not a coincidence, neither is something you chose from the ego or out the necessity to play the role of an illumined master – as you stated in your question.

When you are aware that you serve a Cosmic Plan that transcends the individual – as I think is my case – you courageously take on any responsibility designated by the Plan.

Its designs are only “invitations” to take on a “role.” The timeless Being has the necessary free will to accept or reject… but if you accept the role, you must do it from the impeccability of the mastery of being, the one that firmly tells you that you chose the road less traveled, a road that has not been “cleared.” Everything has yet to be discovered with each step you take, particularly anything that has to do with your own journey.

Mario Liani

Carmelo Urso: Would you compare channeling to prayer or meditation, in the sense that it allows you to access higher states of consciousness? In your opinion, can anyone channel or do you have to posses special abilities?

Mario Liani: I must confess that I have always had trouble with meditation, in the sense that it is hard for me to quiet my thoughts and reach the necessary inner silence to achieve a connection with the intangible that resides within me. I am sure that this is very common for most people…

That is why those “one-size-fits-all” meditation techniques you find everywhere do not work for everyone.

I am convinced that each one – with a good frame of reference and after having tried other methods – should try to create a technique that actually works for him.

The technique that works best for me is to simply hold a dialogue with my spiritual counterpart. In the beginning, this was a true act of faith, since it appeared that I was talking to thin air… and there wasn’t anyone there no answer. But it just so happens that the “eternal” has plenty of ears…

After much talking with that intangible counterpart and with as much faith as possible, one day I began to “feel” the answers in my mind. Nowadays, I can hold a two-way conversation where I can “hear and see” the individual energies of the beings that are part of my multidimensionality.

To better answer your question, I would say that I connected with the intangible through the act of conversing, which some may call prayer, because in fact… prayer is a dialogue!

Like everything else, with practice, everything can become a true talent, and anyone can channel one of the infinite versions of the One… because they are nothing more than the multiple facets of Creation.

Carmelo Urso: Presently, can you access the energy of Kryon any time during the day or do you need to set a date and time? Does Kryon’s voice sound different than your own interior monologue? During a channel, how do you know whether they are your own thought or Kryon’s?

Mario Liani: Continuing with my previous explanation, when you manage to make the inexplicable into something that is part of “daily life,” there is no need for ceremonies or rituals to make it happen at will.

That is what Kryon calls “the third language”: something that is not coming from rational thoughts or spoken words, but rather through a feeling in your heart.

As Kryon has said so many times, the Third Language represents the human’s connection with his spiritual counterpart. This is one of the many important energetic changes the New Age brings: humans connecting with each other and with the intangible through the heart.

If I need to make a connection beyond the ordinary, I try to stop and use some kind of communication protocol. Let’s say I need to expand on something, I ask then for a greater degree of clarity. On the other hand, public channeling is very different.

You should understand that that moment has been planned way ahead of time, sort of like making “an appointment” with the One and everyone else involved… with the intent of honoring that moment as an important reunion. In fact, we call those moments “A meeting with Kryon and the Spiritual Family.” Those are very special moments, because we understand that the desire to connect transcends the channel’s individual will, and the responsibility for what he may bring forth is great.

That is why, personally, I take this role very seriously… to the point where I am don’t like to meet with groups frequently to channel the energy of Kryon, because I feel that repetition would turn the intangible into something routine and boring. In fact, this year of 2009 (August 15), we decided to hold only one public event in Caracas (this was only the fourth event in the last two consecutive years).

Channeling Kryon before a huge audience is something very special, because the One uses the collective energy of those present to give a message that can be broad, and at the same time individual. It may seem contradictory, but that is how it happens.

At that moment, I become perfectly still, with no thoughts in my mind, I only allow the voice to manifest automatically, not allowing the mind to interfere by dictating the concepts that flow from my mouth.

In this way, there is no doubt as to who is talking: my human mind or the Superior Intelligence who connected through me.

Carmelo Urso: As you said before, Kryon often speaks of the “spiritual family.” Who is the spiritual family? Does it apply only to angels and human beings? If that is the case, could we equate the body of the spiritual family to God?

Mario Liani: The Spiritual Family is the group of beings – animate or not – that forms the ONE… or what we call “God.” We are part of the One and are ONE with ALL – beyond the concepts and labels we humans have created to explain and describe the inexplicable, we are a big Family.

It’s here, fully immersed in our human duality – which clouds our understanding of ALL – that we have trouble realizing that great truth…

It’s like a masquerade ball, mingling with a multitude of people who have disguised their true identity on purpose, not to be recognized or be able to recognize each other.

Part of the great game we play is to challenge ourselves and force us to see beyond the disguise of the one in front of us…

Carmelo Urso: Are we, humans, timeless souls who reincarnate as many times as necessary? Does Kryon’s famous phrase “return home” mean that we stop the cycle of reincarnation?

Mario Liani: Have you ever seen life take a vacation and stop the eternal succession of cycles in order to enter a state of suspended animation? Has earth ever stopped to take a break? Has any vegetable species ever decided to stop giving fruits because they feel they have done enough?

As above, so below…

That means that the energy that we are is always in constant movement and expansion. The halt in the cycle of evolution is only a human illusion that comes from the premise that at some point, there will be nothing left to learn. This is only a concept of the human’s limited vision that is based on the idea of polar opposites: if there is a beginning, there must be an end…

Eternity does not end… everything is always in a constant state of transformation.

The “Return Home” represents a time of change and transformation where the Being reconnects with his true, Timeless Essence… only to continue “The Game of Transformation” in which he goes through all the experiences that shapes the ONE, integrating with each one of them and learning to love them as if they were “himself…”

If you have experienced – and, therefore, are – that which is outside of yourself, don’t you think that you will come to love it because you integrate it permanently in your being?

And so it is.


Channeled by Mario Liani

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Translator: Gilda Tangtam –


The journalist Carmelo Urso conducted this interview with the international speaker FEIBERT for the digital Spanish newspaper “Tiempo Presente”

Carmelo Urso: Dear Feibert, it is always a pleasure to greet a fellow countryman, especially when he is successfully working in the spiritual realm.

We would like to introduce you to the english speaking readers. We know that you have been more than 33 years persisting in your path of growth and personal evolution and actually practice and teach a synthesis of various scientific and spiritual kwowledge.

Can you describe to the friends reading this article how was your awakening process and how could it help others today?

FEIBERT: Hi Carmelo, thanks for your kindness in giving me the opportunity to express myself through “Tiempo Presente.” It all started in 1974, when I had the opportunity to witness an extraordinary celestial phenomenon while I was in a drive-in cinema, those outdoors theaters were customers coul view movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars.

Everyone present got out of their cars to see the strange object, wingless, very bright with a very well-defined contour cup-shaped, changing colors between red to red-ogange, hovering silently just behind the cinema screen. Most began playing horns of their cars and talk with the occupants of the cars neighbors to share impressions of the extraordinary incident. At that time I worked as a photojournalist in the Bohemia magazine in Venezuela, and the next day, I checked the file for the word UFO.

I was amazed to find that there were hundreds of photographs that the journal received from different countries and never had been published because they believed at that time that they were exaggerations and photo montage.

This event produced in me a mental openness that allowed me to accept that we are not alone in this universe.

Motivated to find explanations of the fenomena I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Enrique Castillo Rincon, who remained on board one of these ships for more than eight hours. And he revealed to me that the presence of these beings was to disclose a Higher Knowledge, which would allow the man of the Earth to accelerate and shift the evolutionary process to acquire the state of consciousness that they had.

The Higher Knowledge integrates both science and spirituality in perfect balance in a single coherent and logical truth.

They are not monsters, such as science fiction paints; on the contrary they are human beings “angel resemblance”, with a great beauty, with a technological lead of about 7,000 years in advance to our current technology.

They come in peace, because if they had wanted to invade us would have done thousands of years ago when we had primitive weapons and not now that we have anti-missile missiles.

They come with two main objectives:

1 – Eradicate diseases and
2 – To eradicate the man’s lack of knowledge because unconscious of Higher Knowledge (The cutting-edge science that they manage on their higher planets).

I do not call them ETs, I prefer to call them: “Sciences / Spiritual Masters.”

Upon learning of the existence of this higher knowledge I devoted myself full-time since 1975, to travel to different countries in search of the missing pieces of this “Cosmic Puzzle” and that’s what I’ve been doing for over 33 years until the current date.

That sighting unlished in me the necessity to find my own identity and I get to the spiritual quest, which I have continued doing up the current date.

I can be talking about this original knowledge in the form of seminars, for more than 144 hours without repeating a single concept.

The workshops I teach are the summary of over 33 years of seaking of this truth.

Carmelo Urso: Do you speak about this experience in your courses?

FEIBERT: If students ask me, yes I do, but I’ve noticed that there are certain topics that most people are not prepared yet to understand, and that, united with the misinformation about the existence of intelligent life in outer space make this subject becomes a taboo for some people.

So, I prefer to concentrate on Higher Knowledge application and benefits, rather than convincing people of the existence of supra-conscious life in outer space

Carmelo Urso: Usually you start your training with the “Law of Attraction”, loved by some and rejected by others…

FEIBERT: I start my workshops with the Law of Attraction, because I believe that this spiritual law is easier to prove and that verification “OPENS” our mind to accept more complex laws, which involve a higher level of awareness.

Carmelo Urso: What is this law?

FEIBERT: Very simple: “Everything what you think you attract into your life. It is that simple.

This Law WORKS even if you know it or if you do not.

If you are aware of its existence, you can use at will. If you are not aware of it you will attract into your life, randomly, whatever you think, so if you think negative will attract negative situations and if you think positive you will attract positive situations for you.

The Law of Attraction works with your personal frequency. Your thoughts have a frequency. Your feelings have a frequency. Your emotions have a frequency. Because after all EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

Carmelo Urso: When did it come to your life?

FEIBERT: In my case it came when he was 16 years old through the book “Te Regalo Lo Que Se Te Antoje” by the Venezuelan author Conny Mendez, who in turn received it from his teacher Emmet Fox, who in turn received it from his spiritual mentor. This Law has been known for thousands of years, long before they produced the movie “The Secret” and long before we were born.

In the Bible, which dates back over 2,000 years, is mentioned in the phrase: “Ask, and it shall be given to you. Seek, and ye shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened to you”.

The Law of Attraction is mentioned in a Tibetan book called “The Memoirs of Dyan,” which later became “The Secret Doctrine” it is also mentioned in the book Kibalyon, that sums up what little remains of the original written ” The Memoirs of Dyan “All of these books written many years before the movie” The Secret “(2006) came out publicly.

The merit of the movie is to have made popular to the Law of Attraction, and that’s fine, but it is clearly not a modern discovery that dates back centuries ago.

In fact appears in the Emerald Tablet, dated IV century BC, before the Bible. He came into my life in a moment of existential crisis where I did not know what to do with my life, I could not find work, had closed the UCV (Central University of Venezuela) and could not continue my studies and when I applyed it was enough to change my way of thinking and I became highly prosperous and could afford, by myself, my own studies in the United States.

Carmelo Urso: Is it a postulate that can be proven scientifically?

FEIBERT: Science is what you can PROVE. So do not believe me … try changing the frequency of your thoughts and feelings and see for yourself how you attract what you think and feel.

Carmelo Urso: The Law of Attraction in the hands of someone that has not healed his or her emotions or contact with his Higher Self, what consequences might have?

FEIBERT: There is something called “mental programming” that began the same day you were born.

They are recorded through mental images that we produce: The attitude we see from our parents, our school teachers of religion, the media and our own experiences.

The sum of these mental programming, positive or negative, shape our behavior patterns. And that pattern of behavior determines our emotions and thoughts. And as our emotions and thoughts shift up or low down our personal vibrational frequency, then the Law of Attraction matches our frequencies and we attract to oursekves what we fear most, in the case of negative programming, or else we attract happy situations in the case we have positive programming.

For example, a person with the programming “I have very good luck” lucky coincidence will attract to his life.

On the contrary if a person has the programming: “The riches do not go to heaven” poverty and lack will attract to his life.

Thus the importance of healing our emotions and know our true inner self in order to attract fortunate situations. It is vital to know our Higher Self.

The Higher Self is your essential self is the eternal in you, who does not die. It is your spiritual consciousness, your “inner guidance, and the good news that your Higher Self is beyond your mental programming.

Carmelo Urso: Some sell the Law of Attraction as a panacea to solve all our problems.

However, limiting beliefs and patterns in our minds could hamper their understanding and practice. What are the limiting beliefs that prevent us from fully experiencing the benefits of the Law of Attraction? How to transcend and heal those “Mental Viruses”?

FEIBERT: The mayor of limiting beliefs is called “skepticism.”

Skepticism is a “mental programming” that arises from the fear of disapproval, at some point in our lives, “someone” disqualified us with a personal statement and from that moment we started to wear the “mask of skeptics” for they do not to make fun of us and be better accepted by society.

” Without realizing it, with that skeptical attitude we just lose valuable opportunities to learn new learnings.

So the personal spiritual growth and consciousness development are done in silent and individually.

You and only you can prove these assumptions and change your thoughts and feelings … and see the results in your own life. You do not need someone elses approval for the Law of Attraction manifesting on you.

Experience it just quietly. Pay attention to your thoughts, transmutes negative into positive and you will see miracles happening in your own life.


In silence we say something and THAT is what you manifest. Because what you whisper in silence is what you’re thinking and feelling. And your thoughts and feelings determine your reality.

What are you whispering in your mind now?

“What you murmur in silence you manifest”

“Whether you think you can, and if you think you cannot, you’re always right.”

Carmelo Urso: Another related subject to your courses is the bio-generators. What are bio-generators? Why study them? How can they help us heal our reality?

FEIBERT: Our physical body runs on electricity.

Formal science knows only two types of electricity:

1- Direct or continue current, and
2- Alternating current.

Higher Knowledge speaks about seven electricities, which are generated by 7 Psycho-bio-generators, as its name implies, are generators, acting on both the biological and the psychological part. The study of the 7 Bio-Generators depends TOTAL understanding of human behavior and its relation to the body and disease.

Knowing them is obtaining the full explanation of how psychosomatic diseases happend.

This is a very large subject, so large that my first two books “Science of Consciousness” and “The Laws of Emotions” and the 144 academic hours of the workshop I teach and explain the functions of the seven psycho-bio-generators.

I would rather invite people to participate in the workshop to learn the crucial importance of this topic.

There are 12 summary charts, which compile all the relations of the seven psycho-bio-generators with the health, behavior, and spiritual consciousness development of human beings.

Again, the topic is too long to respond in just a few lines.

Carmelo Urso: It is said that our thoughts create our reality. But what about the emotions behind these thoughts?

How do emotions affect the reality that we project? What personal work is required to heal our emotion?

FEIBERT: Both: Thoughts and Emotions, act to create our personal reality. And we have to add up two more: the beliefs and feelings.

Positive work in these four areas will change our personal reality.

Nothing I can do about the events, but I can change my way of thinking about them.

Carmelo Urso: Those emotions that we experience today, are the product of the circumstances of our present life or form a complex mental structure to have been woven through several incarnations?

Do you believe in reincarnation? What personal evidence do you have about its veracity? What is your relationship with Karma? What is Karma? And if your Karma has been woven over many lifetimes, how would you heal it in a short period of one life time?

FEIBERT: Again, It is such a broad topic that I specifically dedicate seven hours of my workshop to explain, but I will try to give you the basis for a comprehensive approach.

Let’s start by saying that: Karma is not punishment, but the consequence of our past actions, in this life and previous lives both.

Therefore, the KARMA are “outstanding Lessons to be learned, that we ourselves have created with our past actions.”

As to whether I believe in reincarnation and if I have evidence of it?.

I do believe in reincarnation, as a result of personal and other people´s regressions sessions that I have performed.

Reincarnation is the obvious explanation of many phenomena, such as the so-called “gifts and talents, which are skills we are born with and carry from other lives, such as Mozart’s musical gift or Einstein´s understanding of relativistic physics, who never studied physics at any university.

And answering the question about healing it in a short period of one existence. I’ll tell you that everything is possible, but in that case we must devote ourselves to ntensively work on it every day from this very moment in order to achieve it. It is an outstanding personal work of self-observation to be made every day.

There are no magical techniques to blur the Karma, without a personal inner work.

Carmelo Urso: How many kinds of karma are there? What is Dharma? What is its relationship with karma?

FEIBERT: There are many types of Karma: From Personal or individual to the collective Karma-Type in which we collectively participate as Co-Creators of the same reality.

Dharma is the exact opposite of Karma, that is, if the Karma is a “lesson to be learned” the Dharma is the evolutionary benefits of a “Learned Lesson”.

Dharma is a state of beingness that arises after the inner work of self-observation mentioned before.

Carmelo Urso: Is our personal karma inextricably linked to collective karma, with groups of souls such as friends or a society or country? If I am not comfortable with the place, city or country I was born, “positively or negatively affect my karma if you disregard it?

Is the country of our birth, “A karmic lesson” that we must assimilate, or could learn this lesson in any other country?

FEIBERT: “Nothing happens by chance” every cause has an effect and every effect has its cause a s the Kybalion book states and Einstein also expressed it in the phrase: “God does not play dice.”

Having been born in a given country is a life lesson. We also have free will to move from country, but we will atract events in that country to continue to learn the same lesson in whatever country we live.

If we keep thinking and doing what we have always thought and done, we will always get the same thing we’ve always gotten.

Men will have to walk the same lessons over and over again until they get to the dimension of “Perfect Man.”

“Whatever we do not learn from the past we are condemned to relive it.”

Carmelo Urso: One of the most common negative emotions is fear paralyzing the future. Many “spiritual people” are saying that 2012 could become a catastrophic day for humanity, a sort of new world order predicted by the ancient Maya civilization.

What do you have to say about this item advertised? Why is it that certain spiritual groups do so much emphasis on the ideas of Revelation, Armageddon or End Times?

FEIBERT: I’ll stick to the wording of the question: The text says: Many “spiritual people”…. And I wonder: If you are “spiritual”, why to be afraid of death if we, the spiritual people, do know that the spirit does no die?

Who do you want to “save”? The physical body?

Form the higher knowledge´s point of view we are not people looking for a spirit, but we are a SPIRIT having an experience in a human body.

That is in first statement to start with…

The second statement is: How many “Ends of the world” have they been predicted and nothing had happened?

In the year 999 entering the year 1000 it was said that the world would end and here we are, when it was announced the appearance of Haley’s comet in 1910, they said the same and there was even suicides and here we are.

Do you Remember the Y2K fuss? … And here we continue being.

So the end of the world in 2012 will not happen! I am not worried about the year 2012, what worries me is the mental collective pray, which the entire world population are making reinforced by programs and movies that insist on frightening people with disasters and apocalyptic prophecies on a particular date.



Everyone speaks of 2012 as a time of great “difficulties”, it is important that we stop doing that. If we continue doing mass prays or to watch the bad news, watch programs and movies and think about catastrophic tragedies, especially in a given date that all has accept as “the end”… What do you think will happen?

Carmelo Urso: Feibert What are the courses that you are holding in your native Venezuela? What is your goal? What subjects do you cover? What benefits can bring to those who take it? Where can you contact those who wish to enroll? Got a website?

FEIBERT: This course in the form of practical workshop summarizes the most comprehensive collection of Feibert Higher Knowledge, as it was revealed by the Scientific / Spiritual Masters contacted in different countries.

It had been considered by participants as:


It releases unpublished and original information. 144 academic hours of outstanding content, a whole PHD in Holistic Science. We have two versions:

1- Live workshops and 2- Webinars performed in Tele conferences at the time of your convenience.

And a proficient printed and digital material never published before.

The workshop and webinars covers from the foundations of quantum physics, through new concepts revealed by the Scientific / Spiritual Masters to the most advanced scientific healing meditation´s techniques to help you develop your potential as a whole conscious being.

For information about this printed or digital option visit:

Carmelo Urso: A final message for readers.

FEIBERT: Never stop learning, practice the “No Mental Stagnation.”

Lie to bed early in order to take advantage of natural biological recharge times of cosmic energy.

Use the extra time, giving you by this practice to get up early to study and meditate.

And remember that the only truly universal religion is the practice of Love in all its manifestations: Love to God, Love yourself, love your children and your spouse, love for humanity and love for the planet.

Study the great universal principles of life to obtain wisdom, but not to be called Wise Men, but because: “One who has wisdom, wisely can help”.

And keep in mind that if you practice this, the universe is always willing to give you more than you can possibly imagine.

If you want to communicate with Feibert can do so by writing to,


Full capacity view of the crowd during the presentation of the Feibert Higher Knowledge in the Polyhedron of Caracas in 1981. It was the first time in Venezuelan history that this stadium was filled out…AND IT WAS FILLED TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!

The total attendance including the 2 days was 29,000 participants. In the graph we can appreciate the unforgettable moment when FEIBERT ask the audience “Who has felt my bio-energy in your body? and 99% raises their hand as a sign that they had felt it.



Carmelo Urso

Spetial thanks to Valerie Ann Melfi for having translated this priceless material.

The LETTERS can all be obtained free without charge on the website in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Carmelo Urso: Firstly I’d like you to explain to us, What are CHRIST’S LETTERS?

The Recorder: They are ‘Letters’ dictated by Christ through the mind of his anonymous channeller who was told by Christ to be known only as the Recorder. The purpose was to focus on Christ only as being the true author and inspirer.

Carmelo Urso: When were they written?

The Recorder: They were written during 2000 and early 2001.

Carmelo Urso: Do they pretend to be the basis of a new religion?

The Recorder: The Letters have been given to enlighten us regarding the true NATURE of THAT Which has given being to the visible world and all creation in any dimension. It is a detailed document of explanation of how and why the universe is not really solid but is energy – Consciousness – the consciousness which gives life to all living things.

The universe is not really solid but is energy – Consciousness – the consciousness which gives life to all living things
The universe is not really solid but is energy – Consciousness – the consciousness which gives life to all living things

Carmelo Urso: Why does the person who channelled them remain anonymous?

The Recorder: Many, many people have written spiritual literature which, they have said, has been given them by Christ or Jesus. In most instances, the author has become famous and his name is probably remembered more easily than the works he has written.
The Letters are, according to Christ, the seeds of our future spiritual evolution and are therefore of the utmost importance to people on earth. It must never be forgotten that Christ is both the author and the main spokesman in the text. Nothing whatever has been drawn from other people’s writings. It has all come straight from Christ’s own consciousness.

(The translators reply to the following questions.)

Carmelo Urso: We’d like to know how CHRIST’S LETTERS came into your life.

The translators: I was and had been a fervent Catholic all my life. Even when I was very active in my parish, over the years I became spiritually restless, needing to find higher spirituality and seeking to find it. One afternoon, of all the huge range of spiritual material that can be found on the internet, I clicked onto CHRIST’S WAY and became glued to the screen as I started t oread what I knew I was looking for.

Carmelo Urso: What process of spiritual awakening did these texts produce in you?

The translators: The process is a gradual, daily one; however, miraculous as one comes to perceive the Presence and the Love of the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS at each moment and in every undertaking in one’s personal life.

Carmelo Urso: What was your personal visión of Christ before you found these LETTERS?

The translators: My visión of CHRIST was the one the Church teaches us.

Carmelo Urso: Did your ideas and beliefs in Jesus change after Reading them?

The translators: My ideas and beliefs certainly changed after Reading the LETTERS. The following sentence taken from LETTER 4, has certainly occurred in my own experience: “In the LIGHT of CHRIST’s SPIRITUAL TRUTH, doctrines become meanlingless &are swiftly jettisoned from the illumined mind.

Carmelo Urso: What was the task of translating this material into Spanish like? What circumstances drove you to do this work? Did you receive any kind of help from others to complete it? Can translating some work of a Metaphysical kind be equal to the implicit spiritual work in the exercise of, for example, that of prayer or meditation?

The translators: My experience has been marvellous. It has allowed me to go into deeper understanding of the messages, but above all it has put me in contact with the CHRIST ENERGY that is to be found in the LETTERS. I’m taking part in this work with great enthusiasm so that many people can get to know these profound Truths and so do away with so many absurd beliefs that prevent their spiritual progress and in the improvement of their lives in general.

This task of translating material of a metaphysical kind is comparable to the implicit spiritual work of prayer and meditation. In the Oriental spiritual tradition, especially in India, Japan and China, it’s well-known that there are various paths to gain experience with the Divine: An intellectual job well done is one of them. Prayer that leads to meditation is another. Service is another. Contemplative Love and Song is another.

Yes, I have certainly received help from other people. That is a story in itself. Each person came along when most needed….CHRIST – TIMING!

Carmelo Urso: In accordance with these LETTERS; What is the CHRIST? Is it a notion that refers exclusively to the persona of Jesus or does it have a wider field of action?

The Recorder: I, as the recorder, gained the impression that this individual who came to me in rsponse to my anguished call to Jesus, to help me in a time of great distress in 1966, was actually the Christed Jesus – but the persona of Jesus had long since dissolved whilst the Christ moved into ever higher dimensions of pure Divine Consciousness, free to remain or descend as He wanted. As he descended in frequencies of consciousness vibration, he tuned into and took on those vibrations, enabling him to communicate with each level rationlly.

Carmelo Urso: In the Gospels, the episode of Jesus in the desert is usually presented as his victory over the temptations that Satan deployed against the flesh, heart, mind and spirit. In the LETTERS, this experience is presented in a different way: in the desert, Jesus had discovered the true essence of Reality, that is to say that, “nothing is solid.” Could you explain the implications of Jesus’ discovery to the potential readers?

The Recorder: It is difficult to answer this question because certain facets of Christ’s experiences have been put together here incorrectly.

Jesus discovered nothing was solid
Jesus discovered nothing was solid

Yes, Jesus discovered nothing was solid but this referred to the apprently solid stuff of the planet – stones, plants, human beings. He discovered that the world was composed of energy in which the motes of creation (electrical particles) danced so swiftly that they produced the appearance of being solid.

Now, the most crucial perception here was that Jesus realised that the Energy underlying everything in the universe was what people could call God. Therefore God was not the remote individual taught by the Jews but a universally pervading Intelligence/Love in which every living thing of every kind and species was born and raised and maintained and sustained forever. Basically, the plants, the insects, fish, animals, humans had all taken on form and evolved out of or within the same Divine Energy. We were all one in our roots – we all shared the same consciousness. The differences lay in the fact that each kind – plants and trees etc were confined by their very physical structure to certain limits of experience and conscious response to that experience. And so it was with all the dfifferent species – but basically, in physical composition and spirit, there was no difference between plant and human. The only differences lay in our respective use of the consciousness with which we were born.

However, the true implications and significance of the Temptations to Jesus himself, was the full realisation that there were within him two human impulses (which later in the Letters, he termed the ego) attraction and rejection which governed man’s consciousness and pushed him into his daily actions. Now, Jesus was being inspirationally told that he must stop listening to his ego and must rely on the Divine interpenetrating the universe, for guidance on how to proceed during his waking hours. Jesus was well pleased to heed this instruction but found it extremely hard to put into practice because the voice of his ego urged him to enter into selfish actions. He had to constantly remind himself that he must rely on the Father’ for all his needs. When he did so, then his needs were met in the right way.

Carmelo Urso: In the LETTERS Jesus explains that “all exterior form is the expression of the inner consciousness,” that “Life and Consciousness are the same thing” and that both constitute the “Creative Power of the Divine Universal Mind,” which is the “only Reality behind all manifestation of individualized form.”

The Recorder: This is not correct. In the first place, it must be understood that exterior form is on one level of creation – visible manifestation of life and consciousness of certain vibratory frequencies only. They cannot even move into the astral dimension. And Life and Consciousness pertain to the very highest dimension of creativity although they are operative within the human dimension as well at very low vibrational frequencies. Hence the thoughts and feelings which can be experienced in the world are way below the feelings and thoughts of higher dimensions. They are basically of one substance but they manifest differences. And we must never forget that the consciousness we project is also electro-magnetic and hence what goes out – comes back. One should say, therefore, that personal projections create personal environment and experiences, health and relationships.

Carmelo Urso: In agreement with these premises, is the reality (or unreality) we contemplate a mere projection of our state of consciousness?

The Recorder: Yes, according to what has been said previously in the last lines.

Carmelo Urso: What is matter? What does a human, who achieves a state of absolute communion with the Creative Power of the Divine Universal Mind become?

The Recorder: Such a person is known as a Master, as he or she has the Christ insight to realise that their consciousness can control the atoms.

Carmelo Urso: Formal Christianity presents the notion of a God who severely punishes the sins of his children with eternal hell fire. What is the Nature of the ‘Father’ who Jesus speaks of in the LETTERS? How does He differ from the traditional Deity presented by the Christian Churches?

The Recorder: The difference between the formal Christian notion of a God is abolutely basic. According to the traditional concept of a God, He is male and possesses emotions. He can love and he can be wrathful and wreak vengence. He keeps tabs on all human beings and rewards them with ‘golden stars’ or punishes with ‘lashes’ according to their behaviour.

This is how Jesus describes God when visiting Zedekiah, having healed his son. He is now speaking to the friends and mourners of the family,

‘This illness which has come upon my son. Was this a punishment for something I have done wrong in the past? And how could I commit so grievous a sin that God should want to take my only son from me?’

Jesus said, ‘You have asked the question I most want to answer, Zedekiah. God gives us LIFE and being. He would not snatch these away as a man will snatch some treasure from another man because he is angry with him. And God is not placed on a throne in some part of the sky like human kings sit on thrones and govern their people. The way of God is far beyond anything the human mind can devise or dream about. I alone have ‘seen’ ‘That which has brought us into being’, and I know that IT is not the kind of ‘God’ taught by the Rabbis. I saw that IT is ‘Perfect Love’ and for this reason I would rather speak of the ‘Father’, for I have seen that It works within every living thing, keeping them in a good state of health even as a human father works to keep his children well fed, clothed and protected within the shelter of a home. I have ‘seen’ IT within everything in the world.
‘It is not possible for an individual ‘being’ of any kind to be everywhere at once. But the air is everywhere although we cannot see it. Nontheless, we know, – and do not doubt – If there were no air and we could not breathe it, we would die. The movement of air, which we call wind, we cannot see but we see it agitate the leaves, and drive the clouds across the sky, so we know the air is around and above us and is strong.

And – , we cannot see mind. We can only know we have a mind because of the thoughts it produces and because the thoughts fashion some kind of action in our lives. We believe mind works through the brain. Yes, it does. For how could brain, born of flesh, produce thoughts, feelings, ideas, plans? And now it should be clear to you that this is how the ‘Father’ is present within all things; It is the directing ‘mind’ behind the human mind, working Its great works within every living thing., we see the marvels it brings about.

Carmelo Urso: In agreement with the Jesus in the Letters, “the Father’s will is health.” If this is true, what is sickness then, and how can it be healed?

The Father’s will is health
The Father’s will is health

The Recorder: According to Christ sickness appears when the vibrationery frequencies of consciousness in any organ drops below the norm. This is effected in many ways, including long periods of negative thoughts, despair, failure, bereavement. It can be healed swiftly by the inflow of spiritual Light into the affeced part of the body wih the laying on of hand or by the prayer of someone who can ascend in spiritual Light and project it through the third eye – the sixth chakra. Healing also takes place as a result of encouraging the body to regain vitality through right eating and taking drugs devised for that purpose; by correcting and changing negative thinking; by healing desperation on finding the inner Strength of Father- Mother- Life within us; by starting off again after having failed, trusting in the Divine Energy that is within us and by asking Universal Divine Consciousness for the fulfillment of all the needs in our lives, always giving thanks before receiving with complete confidence that our needs will be met and that out petition has been heard.

Carmelo Urso: Formal religion presents the “Kingdom of Heaven” as a place in which souls that have fulfilled certain and determined demands of God dwell. (abstain from committing sin, do good works, fulfill promply the rituals of worship and assimilate Divine Grace through faith). According to the LETTERS, what is the Kingdom of Heaven? Where is it? How do we realise that we are dwelling in it?

The Recorder: Yes, this is a very materialistic concept. Christ describes it as a quality of Being – the achievement of wholeness of perception, of unconditional love, of total forgiveness, of complete empathy and unity of spirit with others, of at-one-ment with Divine Consciousness.

Carmelo Urso: Is the “Father” of whom Jesus speaks constantly in the LETTERS personal or impersonal? Is He masculine and that is why we call him “Father?” Is he an external Being for His Creations or does He dwell within them?

The Recorder: For Christ, the ‘Father’ is Life, Divine Consciousness, the fundamental Energy out of which everything has taken on energy form and being. The ‘Father’ is everywhere like the air. It is within everything but it is also transcendant to living things, it can inspire, teach, guide, protect, rescue, heal. It appears to be without substance but It is the most powerful Energy giving being to all living things. Christ called it ‘Father’ because, according to Letter1, he perceived this Universal Consciousness as a Divine Mind from which all living things drew their consciousness – therefore, this Energy was truly ‘Father’ of all Its children. Also, Christ could see that a tremendous amount of work was done by the physical cells of living things and were directed by the transcendant Consciousness of the ‘Father’ – therefore the ‘Father’ worked to maintain creation in good health and working order.

The ‘Father’ is impersonal but It is Infinite Consciousness. Whenever we beings direct our thoughts at the ‘Father’, they reach their target and the ‘Father’ responds to us personally – because our consciousness works with electro-magnetism. Electricity sends the message and magnetism brings the response back to us in good time.

Carmelo Urso: What does the Jesus of the Letters have to say about faith and what relation is there between it and miracles? What are miracles?

The Recorder: Christ says that faith is of the utmost importance when praying or when attempting to materialize a desire or self-healing. It is at these times that we should be able to realize that the fact that nothing is solid is of such tremendous importance to us. When we pray or visualize and try to attract something into our lives, it is our faith which gives a stamp of certainty to the blueprint in electromagnetism we are creating. We are telling the blueprint – you will manifest in my experience – and that is another powerful consciousness instruction injected into the blue-print. Without faith, there is no impetus within the blueprint – it is just electrical outlines and filling in of magnetism without clear consciousness direction within it.

Carmelo Urso: Should people pay to have access to the contents of CHRIST’S LETTERS? Where can they be obtained and in what languages?

The Recorder: I, the Recorder, was told to give freely to all people. Christ expected that those who had the means to do so, would joyfully give in return. But this does not happen – only very infrequently.
The LETTERS can all be obtained free without charge on the website in English, Spanish, French, Italian.

Carmelo Urso: Please give us a final message for the IberoAmerican readers.

The translators: In the first place, Carmelo, we would like to congratulate you on your excellent job of preparing the questions above. I say ‘we’ because nearly all the questions have been answered by the Recorder herself.
I myself translated into English for her (as is natural; both of us being English born). When the Recorder had completed her replies, Eduardo, our excellent companion of CHRIST’S WAY, did the job of translating everything back into Spanish. As you asked for a message for the IberoAmericans people, here you have Eduardo’s contribution.

“As an IberoAmerican I invite all my brothers and sisters to read the LETTERS daily, where they will find the Peace, Love and Wisdom that can probably not be found anywhere else.”

“Both the Recorder and myself, living in places far from our origins, feel we are ‘Citizens of Heaven and Earth.’ At the same time, we yearn for CHRIST’S LETTERS to reach every corner of the Earth, to all those people that are ready to receive them.”